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From:  Doug Morris ( The Squidoo “Dominator”)

To: You, The Next Squidoo Domination Super Star

Friend, I hope you’re absolutely ready for this…

… Because I’m about to get straight to the point and be as frank as possible.

I’m about to show you EXACTLY how I made $2,958.15 in one month making Squidoo lenses…

And I did that WITHOUT

  • having to be a “giant squid”
  • having to interact with anyone on Squidoo
  • make countless comments and requests
  • a product
  • affiliate products
  • adwords

Actually, I did it without all the “normal ” bull that you have been fed by the so called “gurus” on Squidoo.

… I guess you can say I did it by breaking just about every rule of making money online.

The most shocking part is that I was completely floored to find out that I was the ONLY one doing this. I knew I had to share this information, it was just too big to keep to myself.


This was so SIMPLE and EASY I figured that everyone was already doing it. This is NOT yet another “push button software scheme” or so-called “traffic loophole” that ‘some guy’ just discovered under a rock.

FACT – Squidoo Domination just works and it always will. As you keep reading you will discover how my secret strategy has helped others just like you to actually have success with Squidoo.

This is a no “bull”

Imagine having the confidence of knowing that EVERY TIME you make a Squidoo lens you undeniably know that you are going to make money.

I was just like you, I would spend hours making countless lenses and hoping I would sell some crummy clickbank product and make a commission.

That was until I stumbled across a revolutionary idea

One day I opened my email and saw that Squidoo had sent me $4.23 to my paypal account. Not much but it was the start of something beautiful.

What the heck is this? I signed into my dashboard and one of my stupid little lenses was making money. I spent countless hours figuring out exactly how and when I made that discovery then I really started to make money.

See, I had it all wrong and now I had found a secret. I perfected my method and I started turning out record numbers of lenses and they ALL were making money… and a lot of it.

The greatest part about my system is that you can turn out 10 money making lenses a day and they make money on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT!

You might be asking why Squidoo? Well, at the time I had no idea how to make as website and with Squidoo I will never need one. Part of what I found out is that Squidoo already pulls in millions of dollars every month and they love to share that money. You just need to know exactly how to force them to send you some of that money every month.  

That’s when I stumbled on the big Squidoo secret and realized that…

The Squidoo Domination system is easy and bullet proof, anyone can start making money right away!

The greatest part about my system is that after applying my method your lenses will make you money for years. This is really a true set it and forget it system that is so easy to do. You will be amazed at how fast you start making money.

Here is a look at my very first 3 lenses I made using my Squidoo Domination system 3 YEARS AGO! -

This system is designed so that anyone and I mean ANYONE can start guzzling money from Squidoo  TODAY!

Here is another example of how just one Squidoo account where I implement my Squidoo Domination strategy…

YES, I Want The Squidoo Domination System Now

I know that’s impressive and I’m very proud of what I have been able to do with Squidoo and how it has absolutely changed my life.

With that said, let me help you out by letting you in a few facts about the Squidoo Domination System that might save you some time.

This system is not for everyone, and I know that.

Here’s who this is NOT for…

This is NOT for you if you’re convinced it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make more while working less or not at all.

This is NOT for you if you are UNEASY about sneaking up on the Squidoo payteam and shamelessly force them to pump cash profits effortlessly into your own PayPal account.

No more struggles, no more ongoing work whatsoever

It’d be like, every internet marketers dream…

Here’s the shocker though:

To my surprise it didn’t just sound good, it actually worked too.


As a matter of fact, to be totally honest, when I first stumbled across this 3 years ago…

So… Like anyone would, I started to build more and more lenses in the same way.

They weren’t all winners in the beginning…

But I now knew what was possible since Squidoo already has emailed me money… So I started testing and tweaking. You know, cutting out the stuff that didn’t work, and scaling up what did…

And eventually, I got it down into a kind of perfect “system”.

Then from $500… To $1,000… To almost $3,000 a month…. It all happened so fast.

And pretty soon, this system was making me 5 figures a month. Every month.

Just Look at What These Actual Squidoo Domination Users Are Saying!

This is a GREAT Course!
I started using Squidoo a few years ago but I really had no idea how people were making money on Squidoo. I picked up this course and making money from my lenses hasn’t been hard. I really like that I don’t need a website and using the information from this course I think anyone can start earning money making Squidoo lenses
Your ‘Sweet Spot Chart’ Makes Me Money Everyday!
I don’t know what level most people are when it come to making pages on Squidoo, but I was an absolute beginner and just watching the videos got me started quick. With in two weeks I could see that my lenses were getting visitors and then I got an email from Squidoo that they sent me money to my paypal account. I just make lens and Squidoo just sends me money, it’s just about that easy. This system showed me thing I had no idea you could do with a lens. I’ll never need a website using these tricks.
Thanks Doug! Your Strategies Are Priceless!
Whoohoo!!!! I made money! When my royalties starting rolling in, I thought to myself that FINALLY something that actually works. I can tell you first hand that almost as soon as I used these strategies I started making money. These strategies made me look at Squidoo in whole different light and it’s paying BIG TIME!
If you Squidoo, This Package is for You
I needed a way to make some extra money at home since I’m a single mom. I can actually make a Squidoo lens today and in about a two weeks I can see that it starts to make money. It’s like an easy part time job. I make lenses whenever I get a chance. Once I got the hang of it, I know that the more I make the more money I keep making. His Amazon.com trick helped out a lot and makes more money than the actual Squidoo Amazon module.

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